The Sweeper ? Last Man Standing

This large 8 player game, made famous by a hit TV show 'Total Wipeout'. Last one standing sweeper is fun filled, highly competitive and great for team building events. Players step onto the large inflatable bed and wait for the sweeper arm to rotate before jumping over if you are not quick enough or don’t jump high enough and it hits you your out! As the name last man standing suggests the last one left standing is the victor.

Rodeo Bull

The Rodeo is always a firm favourite for main event and private Party's

The Rodeo will come with a trained Operator to run the event for you.

We have other attachments for the simulator like Rodeo reindeer, Golf ball and even a camel but the firm favourite

is Billy the bull.

We can provide a rain cover for this also we have marquees you can have this inside and all Evening jobs

we provide some nice lighting for your Party.

Sweeper and Rodeo Bull